Monday, February 8, 2016

Free 6 Pack Of Marvel Coca-cola Mini Bottles. First 4,000. Twitter Required. Official rules here
  1. You can get 1 Free 6 Pack. There are six different entries. To make sure that you get the freebies I included all 6 entries below. Each one is first 4,000, 3,000 or 2,500 etc. So to ensure that you will for sure get one I have given instructions for all 6 entries. Make sure to enter for all them (but in reality you only have to enter once)
  2. Click below, Follow all accounts below on Twitter (make sure your account is public, by default all accounts are public)
  3. Create SIX SEPARATE TWEETS. In each tweet write the following from each line. The @ and the hashtag. Do not write them all in the same tweet. Make a new tweet for each line
    1. @superminiher0es  #CokeMiniContest73
    2. @MiniHero37 #CokeMiniContest196
    3. @ahhforce #CokeMiniContest41
    4. @bigvsmini #CokeMiniContest187 
    5. @miniheroes1886 #CokeMiniContest11
    6. @minisavestheday #CokeMiniContest356 
  4. If you are one of the first 4,000 to enter they will send you a direct message with information on how to claim your free 6-pack. May take up to 24 hours to receive your message

Friday, August 14, 2015

Freebie Friday Giveaways - Over 50 Small Giveaways From Various Companies To Enter Each Friday!

Big list of Freebie Friday Giveaways. All the companies below have small Giveaways every Friday from 1-10 prizes on Facebook. 

Click the links below to go to the giveaway. Some links will take you to their Facebook Wall where you can find the giveaways, others will go straight to the apps. Just look for their newest post they made about the most recent giveaway and follow the instructions to enter!

Gift Cards and Rewards Points

Toys and Kids Products
Beauty Products, Fragrances, Jewelry
Clothing, Technology, Pets and Everything Else

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Amazon Instant Win Giveaways List - Win a Hoover Vacuum, Sandisk Flash Drive, Fitbit Surge Watch and Many Book Giveaways!

Big List of Amazon Instant Win Giveaways. The odds of winning these are not great, the nice prizes are all 500th person to enter wins, and the Books are 50+ person to enter wins. Even with the bad odds these prizes are really good and we will have some winners so wanted to make a list of all the very best ones to enter. You can enter each one once. For some you will need a Twitter account to enter, if you don't have one then just make one for free so you can enter.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

3 Bottles Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap or Liquid Dish Soap $7.98 (Reg $10.99) + Free Shipping or $6.90 With Amazon S&S Discounts

3 Bottles Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap or Liquid Dish Soap $7.98 (Reg $10.99) + Free Shipping or $6.90 With Amazon S&S Discounts
  1. Click below. You can choose one hand soap and one dish soap, they are separate coupons that work once for each. The $10.77 ones will be $7.98 or $6.90 With Amazon S&S Discounts. The others will be slightly higher - you do NOT need a $25 purchase if you are doing subscribe and save as detailed below
  2. Clip the $2.25 off Coupon located under the price or product description and checkout. If you are on mobile scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click on Amazon Full Site so that you can see the coupon.
  3. Choose Subscribe and save on the right side of the page and Click review order and checkout. 
  4. Subscribe and save can be cancelled anytime after the order ships, no further charges, just click here to cancel.

One Year Sam's Club Plus Upgraded Membership + $20 Sam's Club Gift Card + Free Rotisserie Chicken,Free Italian Rose Fresh Salsa and Free 8-Count Gourmet Cupcakes Only $45 ($142 Value)

Groupon has a One Year Sam's Club Plus Upgraded Membership + $20 Sam's Club Gift Card + Free Rotisserie Chicken,Free Italian Rose Fresh Salsa and Free 8-Count Gourmet Cupcakes ($142 Value) on sale for Only $45 for New Members Only . Click buy at the link below, then to activate your Sam's club membership you must bring the printed Activation Certificate email or your printed confirmation page to your local Sam's Club location. Valid for new members only. If you already have a membership, someone else in your household can purchase and add you to their account. AMAZING deal for anybody who wants to become a member. After all the gift card and free items it is like getting the membership for free! Limit 1 per person. Activation will be valid starting April 24, 2015 and must activate membership in-club by July 27, 2015. 
  • Click here to buy this now - if you buy directly you will NOT get the extra $10 Gift card. If you purchase go to your vouchers section
  • OR See below to get an extra $10 Gift Card and $1.65 cash back when you buy through ebates
Deal Includes
  • One Year Sam's Club Plus Upgraded Membership ($100 Value). Click here to see all the benefits of the Plus Membership: Includes Early open shopping hours, $10 back with every $500 purchase and up to 16 add-on memberships.
  • $20 Sam's Club Gift Card
  • 4 Fresh Food Vouchers valued at $22.94 including:
    • One rotisserie chicken (2.75lb—$4.98 value)
    • One container of Italian Rose Fresh Salsa (48 oz—$9.98 value)
    • Gourmet cupcakes (8-count—$7.98 value)
Order through Ebates and get a  Free $10 GIFT CARD + 3% CASH BACK.
  1. Click here, create a NEW ebates account. Select which $10 gift card you want. In order to get your gift card your order total must be over $25. 
  2. In the search box on the top of the page type in Groupon, click on it when it pops up, then click All Living Social deals on the top left of the page. It will take you to the Living Social site
  3. Once on the Groupon Site in the search bar type in Sam's Club
  4. Purchase the deal and you are done. Click under my vouchers to get the voucher.
  5. Click back here and enter your mailing address in your ebates account.
  6. Your order will be processed by Groupon as usual. Ebates will send you your $10 Gift Card in about 2 months and also your check for $1.65